Jade Manzon

Jade Manzon is a 21-year old Mathematics Major Graduate from Cebu City, Philippines.

Music Lover. Blogger. Frustrated Photographer. Frugal Traveller.

She hopes to capture life's even smallest moments. The best happens everytime. :)

E-mail: jade.manzon@gmail.com
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Hello Stanger, it’s amazing how much I could talk about anything to you.

Do you find it weird, too?

Hello Stranger, how do you do?

It’s so strange that I’m attracted to you.

Is it because I’m lonely and you are, too?

Hello Stranger, what are you thinking about?

Is it the weather, the news, or the past?

How did we get along so fast?

Hello Stranger, where are you now?

Are you home alone, or somewhere else?

Could that be in my heart?

Oh, that should make sense.

Hello Stranger, oh how short the time we spent.

I just hope that won’t be the end. :)

This day used to be so hectic, memorable and romantic. It’s the day we prepared so early to catch the first flight in the morning because it’s how we treasure every minute we can be together then. It’s the day we always waited for, because we know it’s one of the very few times we get to spend a day together. It’s the day you brought me flowers freshly picked from your hometown and a box of Krispy Kremes because it has become our ritual and because you know it was my favorite. It’s the day we spent to ride roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and jungle log jams because we are kids at heart and you know my simple joys. It’s the day you visited me here to witness our choir serenade everyone with love songs, and to witness that every song I sing then wasn’t really for everyone, but for you alone. It’s the day we almost could not have because I woke up late and missed my flight, but managed to book another ticket, because we missed each other more than anything.

It’s the day I could only reminisce because everything was long ago over. It’s the day I thought I will have to suffer, because your memory still lingers in my system. 

But thank you, for making it easier for me to move on. Yes, it’s the day that used to be — for flowers wither, and sometimes, love just dies.

"So how was it?"

That was the question I mostly get since I came home from Manila. I had a week to take a break from work (which supposedly wasn’t a break), experience the chaos of the country’s capital city, ride trains and force myself to fit in a sea of commuters, eat food and burn them as I cross really wide highways, but primarily, to see one person I haven’t in the longest time.

No one ever understood me and the need to see you again. So I guess that question never really needed an answer, for it is only you and I who will ever understand, too. But just because the relationship is over, doesn’t mean everything is. For someone who hasn’t seen her loved one for about 2 years and 5 months, that week was all I would ever want. For someone who patiently waited, that week was the finish line. For someone who still hopes, that week was the light at the end of a dark tunnel. For someone who can’t let go, that week was the best effort to save the relationship.

It’s never easy moving on without proper closure, and all the more when you realize you really never want to move on. That week turned into days, then into hours, then into minutes, and our time together is up. It’s like either of us is dying. It hurts to have to say goodbye to someone whom you want to spend eternity with. 

It’s a cliche, but again, thank you for everything. Thank you for wanting to see me too. Thank you for keeping your cool despite my mood swings. Thank you for patiently writing me (goodbye and apology) letters. Thank you for giving me a week to eat dinners with you, help you study for a test, enjoy an early morning Sausage McMuffin breakfast, hold your hand and hug you tight. Those are just some of the things we don’t normally do because we were always physically apart. I used to envy couples who see each other everyday, but I realized, I am so much grateful for what we have had. For it is only the toughest who can survive this kind of relationship. We may have not lasted long, but 5 years isn’t that short too! I will forever be thankful for the opportunity of having you, even for a very short time. Just proves the time we were apart didn’t matter much at all.

I’d also like to apologize for the hurt I’ve caused you. I admit I am one to blame. And I’m really sorry because I am not a ‘perfect girlfriend,’ nor will I ever be. I’m so sorry for the shortcomings I have done. I know I could have been better. 

I hope you enjoyed the short time we had together. I hope you’ll always remember them. I hope it isn’t the very end. I hope we’ll see each other again.

You always say that no one knows the future. But have you ever thought that when we were yet starting, all we ever needed was a decision? We never really thought of tomorrow. I even remember you liked the song ‘Now’ because we didn’t really ‘know if this is forever.’ 

To my favorite guy, I know I still have a lot of things to say. And though it seems I haven’t spoken a lot when we met, I hope I have at least shown them to you.

"To love at all is to be vulnerable." -C.S. Lewis

Jade Manzon 


Your eyes. I will miss them looking at me, and still in love.

My blog just turned two years old! Yaaay! I’m not so proud though cause I was such a lazy blogger. Peace! :)

Looking back at the past year, I was so amazed at the amount of work I did to reach that level of success, fulfillment, and whatnot. I was so amazed at how things just fell into place and how things worked for me. Indeed, 2013 was one of the best years in my existence.

First on my list was this: the opportunity to participate in a national competition and most of all the opportunity of helping a community through our project in Unilab Ideas Positive. It was a tiring but definitely a fulfilling year for Team Bang and all the other teams as well. I miss this group! I miss going back and forth our community. I just miss this whole new experience :)

This was also one of the highlights of 2013 - I finally wore the Sablay! Reaching this was never easy. Five years of sleepless nights, exam cramming, and a year (or so) of thesis revising, it was all worth the sacrifice! Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the help of my family and friends (and teachers). Thank you so much!

This year started my passion for travelling! I have always been out and away but never have I traveled this much in my whole life. Year 2013 also marked my first travel outside the country! Though it was not at all times good, but we always learn lessons from these experiences, and most of the time, these matter more. Places I’ve been: Hong Kong, Macau, Tagaytay, Pangasinan, Banaue, Sagada, Legaspi, Caramoan, and Iligan. :)

One of the most surprising events in 2013 - first job! After I graduated, I told myself I will not work until we’re done with the Sagada trip, that happened in June. Unexpectedly, I landed here in Pru even before June started! Coincidence? Ha! One of the best moments of my 2013 was when I received an award as a rookie. Heaven knows how much we worked hard for it! This was one of the things that made my 2013 very worthwhile.

The most awaited person! It was a great chance to see you again for the first time in the longest time! :) 

Of course, friends will always stay in the list of those that made my year. :) No explanation required.

Moving forward…

Well, all we can do is linger in the past, live for the present, and work hard for the future. I am very excited for this whole new year, and with new goals, new challenges, new experiences, I can’t help but also be nervous of what is in store for me. Whatever happens, I am certain that the best happens every time, what matters is how we look at things.

Have a great 2014 everyone! :)

On lazy days and busy nights

I forgot that I can write.

On happy journeys, and lonely times

I forgot that I can write.

When I thought I was all alone

When I thought I was not at home

When I thought everything’s under control

I forgot that I can write.

Cause the pain always stays

Can’t hide these feelings away

For tears are waiting to be shed

And thoughts are waiting to be shared.

Now, I remember, I can write.

Started my 2014 with an adventure. Never would I want it any other way. Here’s to more! #travel #tangub #hoyohoy

Love love love :)) #teamLVP #wedding #photography

Liking them flowers. #wedding #bouquet #photography #teamLVP